We just want to say thank you for our sweet Bernedoodle puppy, Bella.

She has the sweetest personality and is such a good puppy. We are happy to have found such a reputable and knowledgeable breeder.

It reassured us to see how you and your family were so calm and very knowledgeable about the puppies. You have been really nice to us from the initial email up to the time of picking her up.

You made our experience bringing Bella home so enjoyable. We couldn’t imagine life without her, she has brought so much happiness into our home.

Thank you again for everything!

Julie & Daniel

I drove over 2 hours to come and meet the beautiful golden doodle puppies and it was well worth it. The farm they were on is beautiful and the pups were all gorgeous and you could tell the breeder really cares about the animals and wants them to have a good home. She asked me questions about where we live, how active our lifestyle is, where we work etc. You could tell she wanted us to be prepared for a new puppy and she wanted the puppy to go to a good and loving home.

We took home little Willow in July 2019 and she quickly became a member of our family. She’s kind, adorable a bit of a pain in the butt… but we love her. She puts up with and plays with her two big brothers and loves to play! Thank you for helping us find our fur baby!

Vanessa Johnson

On January 2021, we picked up our adorable tri-color Bernedoodle from Teddy Bear Kennels and our family was finally complete! Thank you for our smart and goofy Bernedoodle, Forrest. He has the silliest personality and is well loved by his smaller yet elder sisters. He’s an affectionate Dood and enjoys all the hugs! He is literally a teddy bear, just look at him 🙂

Ingrid & Paolo

Hi Susie, our pup is doing great. We absolutely love him. You were right. You do breed for temperament. He is the most adorable sweetiest thing in the world. We can’t thank you enough.We hope his parents are doing well too


Hi Susie

I just wanted to express just how much of a joy Ellie is. She’s the easiest dog I ever owned and her demeanor is just incredible. She is SO sweet and has the funniest personality. I’m just obsessed with her

Thank you for allowing us such and incredible dog. I’d get another puppy from you in a heartbeet.

Dayna Hopf