Policies & Guarantees


We, Teddy Bear Kennels, guarantee this puppy to be in good health at the time of sale.

We also guarantee up and to and no more then 12 months after the date of sale against all genetic defects. Should a genetic defect appear within this time period, we will either replace the puppy with another of equal value or we will reimburse you the amount of and no greater then the purchase price of the puppy. In this situation we will require a letter of diagnosis from your vet along with his/ her telephone number before any reimbursement occurs. In the event of puppy reimbursement the owner will be responsible for shipping costs. We the sellers take no responsibility for any veterinarian costs after the puppy leaves the premise of Teddy Bear Kennels.

This guarantee is only valid if certain criteria are met:

  1. Four Strong Paws dog food must be fed exclusively
  2. Nu Vet Plus Daily must be given daily
  3. Probiotic and prebiotic approved by us must be used
  4. 1 tsp of healthy fat per day must be given ( omega 3 oil or coconut oil)

If these steps are not followed this guarantee will become null and void

Paperwork must be provided to prove these steps have been adhered too.

This program is important not just for guarantee reasons but important for the health of your new best friend.

Our guarantee does not include poisoning, accidents, negligence, or behavioural problems, as training, philosophies and environments vary amongst individuals. Neither does this guarantee include dental bills

Breed_____________________________ Sex________________

Color______________________________ Date of Birth___________________

Purchase Price______________________ Date of Sale____________________

Buyers Name, Address, Phone#_____________________________________________________________

I,____________________________, agree to all the above conditions.

Dated on the __________ day of_________, 20

Send signed form to: Susie Lubbers

Guarantee is void if not returned with buyers signature within 30 days. (retain a copy for your records)


Download PDF version HERE. Print, fill out